Clues and Tips

Clues and Tips

Clues and tips to get ready for a relocation.
We recommend that the refrigerator and the freezer must be turned off and dried the day before the carrying. (For interstates and international movings)
It's a good idea to hire an electrician or other specialized professional to uninstall electric/electronic devices, such as electric shower, washing/drying machine, air conditioning and chandeliers, and appliances the day before the relocation.

Transport Restrictions Information

  • We don't carrie jewelries, guns, money, documents of value and copy machines;
  • Gas bottle must be empty;
  • Drink only sealed;
  • We are not responsible for the integrity of  plants on shipping, being the entirely responsibility of the customer;
  • We don't put wall's cabinet, curtains, chandelier, boards as well as everything that need to be bored, stuck or welded;




Where we are

Matriz - DF

STRC Trecho 02 Conjunto "A" Lote 05
Brasília - DF
CEP: 71225-521
Fone: +55 (61) 3233-3040
Fax: +55 (61) 3233-7081

São Paulo - SP

Rua Fernando de Noronha nº 966
Jardim Maria Dirce - SP
Guarulhos- São Paulo
CEP: 07242-000
Fone: +55 (11) 2905-4700
Fax: +55 (11) 2905-4551

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Rua Mahatama Gandhi nº 196
Parque Boa Vista II
Duque de Caxias - RJ
CEP: 22085-610
Fone: +55 (21) 2671-0738
Fax: +55 (21) 2653-1018

Goiânia - GO

AV.F,Nº23,QD.28 Lote.01,Esquina com rua 22
Jardim Santo Antônio - Goiânia
CEP: 74853-100
Fone: +55 (62) 3278-9050
Fax: +55 (62) 3278-9050